Dear Up-Coming Year 11’s or Schooly people in general

1. Don’t sweat about being in classes with completely different people. You DO make friends, contrary to your beliefs, and its fun having a special friend each period. You have inside jokes only in that class that only you guys get. Also, it’s kind of nice to just have a certain friend, you see at a certain time once a day, everyday. It’s a routine thing.

2. The work is actually not really that hard. Don’t be like me who completely lost it the night before the new school year even started, about how your going to fail and how you definitely can’t do this. You can. Put on that uniform and prove yourself wrong. You’re gonna absolutely KILL IT! yes, there is more importance on handing things in on dead lines and acing tests to get credits. But if you keep up, study hard, and yes, you need to do the homework, then you will do great. However if you REALLY can’t, don’t fret. Every once in a while its more important that your okay than if you did that algebra homework!

3. If you’re sick. Stay home. I know you don’t want to miss anything important at school now because it actually means something, but trust me. Whether it be physically with the flu, or mentally you’re just not feeling your best. It’s better for you, and for others if it’s contagious, to just stay home. You can’t learn or absorb information if you’re barely conscious now can you? Clear your head, go for a walk, get some fresh air. Make sure YOU are better before you head on back. We all need some time for ourselves now and again, you’re important.

4. Don’t freak out or worry about what people think about you; however I’m still working on this. Truth is, no one really cares if you have bags under your eyes, or if your hairs a little wilder than usual, because everyone else is worrying about themselves. Work on improving things like the way you react to situations when stressed, working well in a group, and learn about yourself as a person. Forget about looking in that reflective glass in the school buildings all the time.

5. Grades. Okay hear me out. I am fully of the philosophy that if an internal or a project you get
handed back is a bad mark, then there is no need in getting upset and dwelling on it. HOWEVER, if you know that you deserve a better mark and the marking of whatever it is you got back is ridiculous, then take the example of my creative writing that i got back with a low achieved and a comment that said “parts of this are almost too obscure”. Then you know that you need to speak to your teacher. I mean TOO OBSCURE? It’s CREATIVE writing, isn’t that the point?! Anyway, in the great scheme of things, in a few years, are you really going to remember that achieved you got on the music test? Honestly, no. This is however not an excuse for you to not put in the effort. You can’t expect to do well if you don’t put in the hard work. Just remember that it’s not always about that excellence. Acceptance of failure is a handy thing.

6. Lastly and just in general be nice. It’s a whole lot easier than being a complete twat all the time. Being mean is so unproductive. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Plus it takes so much energy to always be horrid to people. However do not mistake being nice for being quiet or for allowing people to walk all over you. If there’s something you don’t agree with, someone is speaking to you in a condescending way, or a friend asks what you think of their essay and it’s not the best…just be truthful and speak up. It pays to be honest, well not literally, but you get what I mean.

I hope this was helpful in any way, shape or form!!

From Brecon
Stay Gracious xx


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