The Puddle.

Murph was calling my name; loudly.


It echoed through the walls. The sound bouncing and bounding like the essence of an excitable child. I looked out the window and sure enough, there she was. Her vibrant, trademark yellow raincoat pulled over her shoulders as the rain cascaded down towards her. It seemed like the rain was simply raining around her, but not on her; out of some sort of delicate courtesy.

Her grin was enormous.

“What are you doing out in the pouring rain you ninny?” I shouted, opening my window so she could hear me better.

Her grin grew bigger as she spoke, “Why not? Quick put on that big ol’ raincoat you’ve had for years and join me! There’s something I found, HURRY!”

I sighed. Murph was persistent, and she was my best friend. It would be cold outside…but I can’t say no can I? Turning down an adventure? Now that just wouldn’t be right. I smiled mischievously, shrugging on my dusty old rain coat and slipping out the door silently. Murph appeared with her outstretched hand, a gesture of hers I knew well. I took hold and she whisked me away.

“You’re not going to believe me! It’s insane! It’s crazy! It’s radical!” She was talking at the speed of light; to me or herself was what was unclear. We were running. Until we got to the woods just a street along from ours. Our hair now furiously tangled with rain. She stopped abruptly before the entrance.

I was confused, “Murph, what are we doing here? Remember we ran this place up and down last autumn. We’ve seen it all, what could possibly be here?”

“I know, I know. But there’s endless possibilities and it was raining and I just thought that the woods was where I needed to be. I wanted to see the rain drip from the leaves but then…” She was speaking quickly, urgently; like there was something I needed to see, something she needed me to know.

“And then…” I persisted.
“Well, then something happened. Come it’s over here.”

She led me to an innocent looking puddle. It was small, circular, and full of rain; like a good puddle would be. I looked at Murph, “Wow, that’s a good looking puddle. Would you say that’s about 5 cm deep? Incredible.”

Murph didn’t look impressed and said in a teasing tone, “Now you know I don’t like it when you use that sarcastic tongue of yours. How about you hear me out and step into this puddle with me.”

I spoke, “What?! You want me to step into the puddle with you? I mean… okay. Are we doing that thing where we pretend we’re our younger selfs again? Because I was an excellent puddle jumper, I…”

“Would you shut up! It’s not that, just trust me okay.” And there was that hand again. I rolled my eyes and took hold, let her have her fun. She took the first step. I was hesitant, but followed. We put our feet into the puddle, then our next. One foot after the other and for some strange reason we weren’t just walking through it, we were walking into it.

“Murph, what is going on?” I whispered, watching each step I took. The water was clear, but I couldn’t feel it. It wrapped itself around us like an embrace from an old friend.

“Don’t be a ninny and keep walking forward.”

So that’s what I did. I mean I couldn’t let her use my own insult back at me and expect to give her the satisfaction of me stopping because of it. And suddenly she told me to stop looking at my feet, but to look up.

Wow. I froze. This wasn’t what I was expecting today to turn out like. I let my head turn and twist, cramming in everything around me.

My best way of telling you what I saw is simply one word; stars. Billions and billions of stars. We were in our very own galaxy. The world around me was purple, it was blue, it was red, pink, orange. All held together by the glistening twinkle of stars, spread out and shinning proudly.

I turned to Murph, my eyes full of awe, mouth wide open and she beamed.
I laughed, “I guess I’m the ninny then.”

This is just a little short story I wrote the other day, of which I am really proud of.
I hope you enjoy it!!!

From Brecon
Stay Gracious xx


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