Old Battle Grounds

In the middle of the day, clear, blue and open sits the sky over the dryness of the sparkling black sand.  The sun beams down onto the openness of the beach. Exciting chatter and loud squeals can be heard from every corner, as families and couples enjoy the bliss of this beautiful day. It seems like they’re letting go. However, somewhere in the middle, a young woman waits; earnestly.

Her sunglasses are tinted with a shade of pink. Her long auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, which sits delicately on her slim shoulder. Her poker face has no marks of acne or signs of aging, just a small gash across her eye that is covered by her shades.

As she stares into the distance, memories and horrors of the wounds past crept back into her mind. Blood and bruises. The daily toil and tussle between sheets, planted a void in her. What once was love, was now an overwhelming lust. Time after time, they came and went like the falling rain and left her with never ending seasons of pain that she felt every time she was chucked.

Tossing on her pastel-blue trenchcoat over her shivering skin, she twists down her watch to see the time. The wind drifts through her hair. She turns her head and looks around for a few seconds, before returning to her former absent position. She takes out a cigarette from her purse and lights it. Shielding it from the breeze. Never once did she cough or choke. Must’ve been all too familiar.

Puffing out the smoke from her mouth, she tilts her head back and raises the cigarette hand into the air, letting the ashes fall from it.

Returning to look at her watch she turns around. Springing to her feet, she vigorously waves her hands in the air. In the distance a group of children with their mother race towards her, and what once was an absent expression on her face, transformed into a satisfied smile. All her horrors of before, now seemed so far away, and the new young life before her brought out the greater joy among the old battle grounds.


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