You did well on that test? How dare you.

Okay, hear me out.
There is something that I’ve come to notice throughout this year, which, for some reason, seems to be quite normal in our school environment. It’s this strange reverse way of thinking that comes with someone getting a good grade.

I’m going to be honest with you. Last year I had a pretty tough time. My personal life was haywire and honestly I probably only just scraped through passing. So, along came this year; a fresh start. My mind was clearer, my life less dark and I was determined to do my absolute best. And truthfully, that’s what I’ve done. I have not failed one test, internal or external I’ve sat, (I think…my fingers are crossed for math). But I’ve become so hesitant of actually CELEBRATING a good grade when I get it back because of the way people seem to react towards it.

Firstly the comments usually come from a person who got a lower grade than me and even worse, usually a friend or acquaintance. You think that when someone gets a good grade you would say, “hey good job buddy”, or you know, “oh woah, nice”. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, or at least in my expeirence. People look at my papers and they shrug their shoulders in an of-course-you-got-that-grade kind of way, with the occasional passing comments calling me a “nerd”, which are meant to be light hearted and jokingly, but are actually offensive. They say in an exasperated voice, “how did you do that?!”. Maybe by trying really hard and an actual urge to want to pass? It makes me feel so small, like maybe I should be dumbing myself down in order to please others, and not draw attention to myself so no one gets mad at me for actually, you know, passing. Here’s the thing. I don’t think I’m an exceptional student, honestly I’m probably not even close. But I listen, I work hard and I study. I made a promise to myself at the start of the year to be able to look back on year 11 and smile, knowing that I worked my butt off to get the grades I did. But because of this reverse way of thinking I am 1. hesitant about sharing my grade and 2. don’t even really celebrate it anymore. Instead I kind of just feel awful for doing well.

It makes me sad to think that people are being put down for actually doing well? It doesn’t make sense to me. What happened to celebrating and encourgaing good grades? Especially if it is a friend. I can understand if someone got a better grade than you, I’ve been there and sometimes I still am, but hey. Don’t take it out on them. We should be spreading positivity throughout our school; a place of LEARNING. It’s a cultural acceptance of failure that a lot of us lack in society, me included. That’s why this reverse way of thinking has come about; we’re all entirely insecure about everything. It explains why people find it hard to be happy for others who did better in a test than they did. It’s like by putting that person down, either intentionally or unintentionally, it makes them feel better about themselves.

But accepting that sometimes we fail is an extremely important part of life. We should never be afraid to do so . If you didn’t do as well as you wanted, you learn and you try again. Don’t let a grade define who you and the people around you are! Prove yourself wrong and celebrate yourself when you do well. It’s as simple as that.

Stay Gracious xx


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