Once in a lifetime ‘Taker’ or ‘Leaver’?

I recently went on a day trip to Wellington for the first time and I have to say that people don’t give the capital enough credit. From it’s beautiful botanical garden to it’s rustic kiwi houses in the rural areas. It was just so delightful to gaze upon. I went with my dad and we were there during the ‘Wearable Arts week’ which meant that there were so many people around advertising products and others who were there just to have the enjoyment of meeting people.

The whole reason for us going down was for me to experience Wellington for the first time, so we barely had a schedule set, besides going to Te papa in the morning and visiting some of dad’s work mates for lunch. This meant that we had the rest of the time to kill. So while we were wandering around after Te papa, we stumbled across this lady who was doing an experiment for Otago University called ‘Welly next door’. It was basically for anyone who had a story or stories that they wanted to share. Now if you don’t know my dad, he is quite the story teller, talking about his journeys around Europe as a student and other crazy things he did in his days as a youth.

So of course he didn’t resist the offer to recount these memories with the many others who might possibly hear them online (I’ll put the link at the end in case you wanna have a listen). Then it made me think about how he took the opportunity to do something that was possibly a once in a lifetime chance. Which is what this post is meant to be about (It just needed a back story).

I am the sort of person who would usually pass that opportunity and think that it was either lame or it would put me in the situation where I had to make conversation with a stranger. Now both of these are pretty silly excuses, because, firstly by prejudging anything before doing it or having any knowledge about it, ruins the chance of ever doing really awe-inspiring. Secondly, having a conversation with a stranger allows you to get to know another person and you have learnt about another life and discovered another personality. It gives you that few minutes of having a new friend and there is this joyful feeling that you’ve touched a soul without doing anything besides having a plain ole’ conversation.

When I was younger I surprisingly more insecure than I am now as an adolescent. But as I’ve grown up I’ve matured more and understood that, if i don’t take the opportunity to do things, I’ll always regret not doing them. Here’s an example – When i was in year 8 i watched probably the very last aired season of NZ’s next top model. So during the week of the final, the three remaining models were doing a lot of shows in Malls such as St Lukes. Anyway, my Dad happened to work for Westfield at the time and he decided to take mum and I to this job that he had to do. Just so happened that where he was doing this job was where the Model finalists were getting ready to do a show. Of course once I noticed my jaw dropped to my toes with awe and surprise, and you would think that I would’ve asked for a picture or something, right? Well I didn’t ask, I just stood there while my mum encouraged me to say hello, but I thought if i did that, i would be interrupting their business or something. Anyway, the moral of the story is, that I didn’t take this once in a life time opportunity that was really amazing, of course in these circumstances it wasn’t life changing but, it could’ve really made a difference because afterwards I was really disappointed that I didn’t take the opportunity.

Overall it comes to how you look at it. If you are the sort of person who just stands in the background, not really getting yourself involved in things because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, this is definitely for you. Try and put yourself out there and look for opportunities to meet people and experience new things instead of just hiding yourself away, because it won’t get you anywhere. However if you’re the sort of person who loves to interact with people and take any challenge that comes your way, you are basically sorted. Never stop looking at life like an open book, full of new challenges and incredible adventure at every corner. So don’t hold back. Look at life with an open and obviously positive perspective, and jump in the deep end every once and awhile. Once In a life time opportunities don’t come every day, so ask yourself this question, are you a taker or a leaver?

Love Rachel xo

Stay Gracious

Link to interview: https://soundcloud.com/wellynextdoor/30-september-2015-hitchhiking


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