Body Image – What is it really worth?

So basically for my whole life there has been something about me that I haven’t liked or thought was odd or even made me look uglier than others. Whether it was the size of my nose or the amount of hair I had on m arms; I loathed it, with a passion. I was being consumed by all the things that I hated about my physical appearance and people I wished I looked like, instead of focusing on the internal stuff. (Don’t take that phrase too literally!). Similarly to what Brecon said in the last post, today the are media advertising things that make us viewers think that that’s the life we should have. Perfect hair, luscious skin, slim figure etc. Now I know that this is probably a topic that is talked about a whole lot in many places around the world such as at schools and certain meetings, but I feel like I just have to address it in my own way.

During the past year I have hated my body image. Not my face as much,  but everything from the shoulders down sometimes makes me feel sick when I look in the mirror because I’m not satisfied with how I look as me! I have always found it really really hard to be content with how I look and just to be me, but I just can’t seem to find that sort of cure. Like I said before, the media puts in an image of what we are ‘meant’ to look like; especially for girls, this is the reason why so many young girls have eating disorders. They starve themselves so that they can have what they believe is the perfect body weight, but in the end is really unhealthy. But it doesn’t just ruin with the victim’s health, it toils with their mind too. the victim becomes infatuated by this idea that they have to be super skinny to be beautiful, that in the end eating disorder that they have that allows them to have this ‘beauty’, becomes a drug; and they just keep getting thinner and thinner to maintain it, because that is supposedly what ‘real beauty’ is. In the end the victim becomes extremely ill that they have to eat or else they will decease. Now I know that that’s all very intense and is almost an unnecessary explanation, but its the truth. It isn’t worth all that effort to become what is considered beautiful or attractive like the models on posters with stick like figures. It ends up hurting and damaging the person and possibly others in their life.

However, I know that it isn’t just stick figurines that are advertised as beautiful. Curvy women are actually considered to be more attractive to men than women with a stick like body image. For men it is obviously having a rock hard six pack with a ‘sexy v line’ or whatever it is that makes them ‘Hot’ or good looking. These sorts of images actually come with hard work and healthy habits. Well for curvy women, when it comes to exercise, they are trying to achieve a bigger booty and sexy thighs; and we obviously know what guys are going for. But having healthy habits and doing exercise every now and again to achieve a certain body image, is not bad for you. It’s just when people go to the extremes to achieve a certain figure is when it becomes an issue.

Now body image, and looks are just one part of you which are quite important for identification (obviously) but also for our health, because our outward appearance keeps all the odd bits and bobs inside us from going everywhere, so you should definitely look after it. But, your inner-self and who you are as a person, are just as important. I know that it’s something that I have to work on. Well-being and personality are probably two of the biggest parts of who anyone as a person. Yes our outer image is important, but it isn’t actually who you are, It doesn’t yell out that you like cats or that you have a fear of the dark or even that you are creative. Yes people can judge you by your physical appearance and guess what your personality might be by the clothes you wear or how you walk, but they don’t know your talents and flaws, and your likes and dislikes  The nature in which you act upon certain situations and how you feel on the inside cannot be determined through physical appearance. It’s your character, your charisma that makes you who you are.

Overall Body image is an important part of our lives and we should look after it. But it doesn’t determine your character. no matter how sexy looking you might appear, you’re actually totally insecure, or you might appear as a total introverted nerd with glasses and a scrawny build, when you’re actually the loudest person ever. So body image doesn’t determine who you are, and it shouldn’t. Just like when people let unhealthy habits destroy them so they can look a certain way, is them in so sad to even think about. It’s never worth the cost of basically your sanity to feel attractive. So yes our body image is important, but for what it’s worth, I would rather have my a funny Bahama Mama than an ignorant model to talk to, because at least the Bahama Mama would make me laugh, and for me that’s more than gold (theoretically) 😉

PS to those of you who think that it sounds really stupid that I hate my body image, I don’t actually hate it. Throughout this year I have learned that I have to accept who I am not just outwardly but as a person too. It’s just kind of a phase that I’m going through and I do apologise if it offend anyone

Loads of love from Rachel

Stay Gracious xx


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