Snap out of it – Getting out of ‘issues’

What is inspiration? The English dictionary definition quotes it as being ‘an animating action or influence’. Lately any form of ‘animating actions’ have seemed absent in my life. I’m not frequent with writing blog posts. I recently got a journal for the new year, which I have written in a fair bit (because I got it in the Boxing Day sales), but I don’t feel like there are any real ‘deep’ thoughts anywhere in my, what seems to be translucent brain, because it’s like there’s nothing really in it so anyone can just see right through. Also, because of my love for music I try to write songs, which I have been very frequent in doing so in past years. However lately there’s been no significant influence for any song which kinda, well, sucks. That’s the best way to put it I think. So when I find myself being surrounded by timid ideals, I’m stuck in a sort of mental block of just feeling sorry for myself and really believing that I can’t find inspiration out of anything. But the truth is that, when you heart tells you that there’s no inspiration and that you can’t do it, you have to use your head and work around issues. Find things to help you get out of whatever is going on. I know that for me this whole thing with feeling like I’m having a breakdown just because I can’t find ‘ANY’ inspiration is nonsense. If I really feel that way I should be getting up off my ass and finding some form of inspiration for myself. Whether it be in books or on blogs, music, people, world issues etc. There will be something. So the whole point of this is to just say that, when I am in a ‘crisis’ (or what I think is one…) I know that I need to find something to help me get out of it, instead of just lazying about, on my phone all day, I need to do something, productive to help me resolve whatever issue I might have. So the same goes to everyone else out there. Don’t just sit on your ass feeling sorry for yourself, go out and get stuff done. I promise you, it will make you feel a whole lot better that just watching tv or Netflix or whatever lazy thing it is you do. Being productive is the best thing to beat the blues I say.
Love Rachel
Stay Gracious xx

P.S. I apologise if I came out quite strong. I was just trying to get a point across


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