Summer Daze

In many ways I am sad that the summer ‘holidays’ have come to a close, but also glad in others. For a fair bit of the summer I was sat indoors in my phone lazying about most of the days. But these past 3 and a half weeks have been filled with excitement and new experiences. Driving at night and seeing the silhouettes of the mountains in the, or enjoying the ocean almost every day. But it’s not just been the regular things like going to the beach and roads trips that have been apart of my schedule. From the 15th to the 22nd of January, I attended a scripture Union children’s camp (as a leader obviously). This was the 3rd time I attended the camp as a leader, so I knew the gist of things. But it was such an amazing experience and I learned so many things. But Enough of my rambling; I thought instead of writing an entire post about my summer I could share some moments in good old pictures. So here’s a little collection of bits and bobs from my summer, and not just moments from January…

The official initiation of summer, at Mission Bay with the squad.
Teenage Partying, but without alcohol…
The amazing abstract but amazing colour dash


Leaders weekend, the calm before the storm as they say…
Me at camp


Camp leaders
Doodles in the sand at kerikeri


Slow mornings


Best experience of a concert ever!! Huey Lewis and The News

Stay Gracious

From Rachel xx


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