funny things words could be.
i could arrange them differently
make them seem intriguing, interesting
an illusion?
or i could use them to make you feel
feel the fleeting, golden sunlight pass it’s way over your skin
can you see the sun beginning to drop?
I could make it rise
and rise
until it’s high in the sky
until we never see it drop again
and never see that silvery moon emerge from such darkness
I could make you feel in a different way
couldn’t I?
feelings that pull at heart strings
mind strings
all your strings
I could cut them one by one.
Or maybe trigger them
is that a smile plastered across you face?
or are your walls just breaking down?
Well, stop that at once
let me use a few words
words to make you feel less conscious of those cracks
after all, I guess we all have cracks.
How about a trip to Saturn’s rings?
Or my words could always take you back to a memory
days at the seaside
the washing of azure waves
their arms pulling you underneath
or maybe i’ll just leave you with your words
for what good are mine?

Stay Gracious
Brecon x


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