It’s Just A…

Books; a place to get completely enveloped in a world in which you can get lost. There is nothing I adore more than coming home after school or a day out and settling down to read a book, laying in the warm golden sun on the beach, while re-reading a favourite and reading with friends in comfortable silence – although looking up every few minutes to discuss a passage or laugh about what a character said. There’s something so comfortable about books. They begin, they end and there they are for you to dive right back in again and again and again. Books to me, mean true love.
booksNow, I have confession to make to you all. I had never read the whole Harry Potter series until this year, even though my whole family is Harry Potter obsessed and I love the movies to death. I’ve only seen them around a billion times! Well, I finally finished Deathly Hallows last week and to say I’ll never be the same is an understatement. Those books have changed me, shaped me, made me giggle, made me cry my eyes out, the characters mean the world to me and the whole wizarding world means even more. But what I’ve come to notice as of lately is a notion ringing out towards many passionate lovers of anything. The phrase it’s just a… it doesn’t matter what fills the blank on the end. It’s either just a book, just a song, just a person, or just a movie.

My whole life I’ve heard this, whether it was directed at me or at others around me. But here’s a question, why does it have to be just a book? Why does it have to be just anything? If I asked to see a raise of hands of people who are guilty of being a ‘just caller’ many of us would have our hands in the air, including me. But I think I finally understand, because, guess what? It hurts, physically like a knife, when someone breaks you from this world, shaking you wildly by the shoulders and saying “it’s just a book”. It doesn’t feel like just a book after what Harry and I just went through. It doesn’t feel like just a book when someone I loved with my whole heart dies. It doesn’t feel like just a book when I closed that final page. It felt like home, a place in which I fell in love, out of love, had to conquer obstacles, make friends, lose friends and along the way discover who I was meant to be.

But that brings us to, why? What is the justifiable reason for ‘just calling’? I think that the biggest driving force behind it is misunderstanding and a lack of empathy. Books are meant to be loved. Yes, some people read to pass time, as something to do. But some people read because they simply love to. They love being drawn into different worlds, letting page’s wrap around them in warmth. We love things because they evoke a feeling deep inside us and we can see ourselves reflected in those numerous pages. As I said, it’s true love. Some books, book series, characters, songs, movies, TV shows can stay with us as people forever. They become a part of who we are; stubborn and never to leave us ever again. If someone hasn’t read the same book as you there can be that divide between levels of understanding. But I think that whether you know nothing or everything about anything we should be able to show empathy towards a person and to what they love wholeheartedly. Which I think is something we simply forget every so often. We forget to use our empathy.

Which in turn freaks out the book lover, sometimes making us suppress our love for something because we are afraid of being told “it’s just a book”. But I want to ask you all this, why are we afraid to nerd out? I’m slowly beginning to not be. I’m a nerd of many things and I’m crazy in love with many things completely irrationally. The collage below is a self-proclamation of my love towards books, music, movies and anything I am irrationally passionate about.


I dare you to be brave and boldly exclaim your love for whatever it is that you love because, here’s the thing; if you can’t love something irrationally, with your whole self, then what’s the point of living? We would all be blank slates walking around this world talking about simple things. We’d never have passions, likes, or ideas because ultimately books have shaped our nation. They inspired people to take on the world, they gave rise to different ways of thinking, they influenced people’s imaginations, they offer an escape. Books are priceless and our love towards and for them is what makes us interesting, what makes us people, what makes us passionate. We are not just irrational people obsessing over pages made from a dead tree. We are explorationists, pioneers, free-thinkers and books are more than a simple just.

Stay Gracious
Love Brecon Xxx



  1. Awesome opinion piece, I feel the exact same way. Art in all forms isn’t just art, thats the point it’s expressions, extensions if you will. Stories, songs and pictures can define us and mold us, something you illustrate very well! Great writing too, very fluid and interesting!

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