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I needed a little break from homework and I love doing these posts…so here are ten more songs that I love and why. I hope you love them too. If you want to have a listen to them then click the album cover and it’ll open the song on a new tab for you! Happy listening and enjoy!

This is my most favourite song at the moment. I adore it far too much…more than I should…like I need to stop playing it otherwise I’m going to hate it. A song about a girl who apparently needs “help” because she isn’t obsessing over getting a boyfriend, but then in the second verse she’s saying how much she loves him, which I take as irony. I love how quirky it is. My most favourite thing about it is how different it is from what I’ve heard in a while and the sarcastic, ironic, clever lyrics. It reminds me of an early Beatles song in the 60’s. I like the bouncy guitar, with the little solo’s from the electric and it is so catchy – try to not sing along with it.  Favourite lyric: “I’ll play his messages, analyse his intonation – please stop me there I’m even boring myself” and “If he gave me a sign I’d think about it for a week, I’d build it up and then I’d turn him down.”

I’m going through a Bowie phase and I know I’m incredibly late to the party but here I am. He is amazing and I hope he is at peace. I love this song. The strong piano melody of chords holds up the melody perfectly. I’m also a tiny little bit in love with his voice. I mean, nothing can beat Bowie’s voice, right? But what strikes me most about this record is how smart Bowie really was (side note: it feels so weird to say was), with his writing. You can research what the song is about yourself if you want but there are theories that it’s about alien invasions, the overtaking of a generation and Nietzsche’s philosophy of the “superman”. And he references a ton of different things. Have a listen! Favourite lyric: “I think about a world to come, where the books were found by the golden ones. Written in pain, written in awe by a puzzled man who questioned what we were here for.

If you have never heard a Joni song, then listen to this one.  You’ll realise how talented she really is. Woodstock builds so beautifully as Joni sings about the feeling of being and going to the 1960’s music festival of Woodstock. The use of piano as the single accompaniment makes the song haunting and beautiful and I love it. Joni hits all the notes with unbelievable ease. She does this really interesting thing where she belts out melody’s inwardly – if you listen you’ll understand what I mean. My favourite way to listen to this song is alone, with it turned up loud. Favourite lyric: “We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”.

I know that everyone loves the 1975. I know that it’s kind of mainstream to like their alternative pop sound but, I really do like a lot of their stuff. The 1975 has made some really clever choices with their music lately and their lyrics are incredibly smart. A change of heart pulls at my heart. A song about how someone who used to seem so perfect is now the complete opposite. I’m really interested in that concept – that someone who meant so much to you could now seem incredibly different. I just think the way the song was put together was really well done with all its electronic beats. I could listen to this song forever. If you are one of the people who hasn’t listened to The 1975 yet, then definitely listen to their other stuff. Their commentary on being a celebrity and pop culture is really, really interesting. Favourite lyric: “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, but now you just look like anyone.”

Oh, Alana how your voice enchants me. Alana is an up and coming Irish folk singer WHO PLAYS THE CELLO! How cool is that? She’s modernizing the cello and making it the front running instrument. Her whole sound to me seems completely new and original. Wax and Wane is about how we as humans have a tendency to blame everything in our waking path before we realise there is nothing we can do to stop things from happening. There is such a distinct rhythm and groove to this song that makes it irresistible, especially when the drums kick in during the chorus. I can find myself singing this to myself without even realising. Listen to Alana, you won’t regret it. Check out ‘The Tower’ by her as well! Favourite lyric: “I could blame my parents for my vices so inherit that I cannot shake them much as I may try. But how much have I inherited or picked up since I was a kid? That nature versus nurture paradise.

I first heard this in the movie 500 days of summer and haven’t stopped listening since. The Smiths are classics. This song is a classic. Morrissey’s vocals are as cool as ever. The bouncy guitar, up-beat drums and layers of sound make you want to get up and dance the night away. Every sound gels together into a perfect little puzzle and I love, love, love it. All I really have to say about it is that its great and you should listen to it. Favourite lyric: “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.”

Okay, yes, the obsession with God Help the Girl continues and I think will only keep to continue continuing. I love this one because it seriously encapsulates the teenage mind set perfectly and I relate to it. I love how free it makes me feel. The guitar rolls over the whole track collecting and captivating people as it goes. Musically it’s bouncy, happy, and again the catchiest thing you’ll ever listen to. This one has guitar, piano, drums, brass and strings. What else could you ask for? There is something about the songs from God Help the Girl that are so distinctive. I also love the little lyrical interludes in the chorus. It is the definition of infectious and will have you up immediately, dancing and singing along. I have nothing but praise for it. Favourite lyric: “Hell do I care what I look like when I feel this good? I’ll keep dancing.

I’ve realised that Spotifys ‘Discover’ playlist might be one of my favourite things. This song was in said playlist and as soon as I heard it, what did I do? Play it over and over of course. Again, I feel like The Features have a really classic sound. The drums keep this song going, marching right through the whole song. It’s kind of like everything explodes – musically – in the chorus. I also think the songs message is such a sweet sentiment to make towards the person you love. Another good song for dancing too! Favourite lyric: “You turn me on to the idea of growing old.”

Again, thanks Spotify. I think the simplicity of this song is what gets me. It talks about how we are worth so much more than what we think. We’re more than a machine, we’re human. We breathe and think and speak and create and we’re more than what appears. It starts out with just a simple guitar melody but it all builds to the interlude in the bridge which I think is perfect. This song makes me feel something and I love when music does that, when it pulls at your heart and you feel it deep in your stomach. Scott has a really cool voice and when he sings the chorus I feel like I could do anything. Favourite lyric: “But you’re more than bolts, like a city’s more than steel and stones.”

Listen to this and I swear if you don’t get up on your feet and start moving then I will pay you some serious money. I love this song. Again, another classic sounding song. But those drums! And the repeating bass line! With that catchy melody? Incredible. The chorus explodes and grooves and it’s infectious. I do quite genuinely listen to this song on repeat. All. The. Time. Listen to it now and love it as much as I do. I beg you. Favourite lyric: “And now days go by and I never needed you.”


stay gracious

Love Brecon Xx



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