HOW TO: Get Inspired.

Inspiration comes differently to everyone, like we all have a favourite shade of a colour. I can’t tell you how to get inspired and I can’t just tell you that EVERYTHING will inspire you (although really it will), without it feeling like you’re the only one the world decided to miss out today. But I can give you a list of some of the things that inspire me to do what I love or get me thinking in the hopes it will spark a germ inside of you. Take a breath, open your mind and be willing and welcoming to whatever flows your way.

  1. The shower.
    Okay, I understand that this is a little strange, but, whenever someone I love is having a bad day, a stressful day, or is need of a new mind set I tell them to go home and have shower. Not only does it literally cleanse your body, it also does something to my mind. It cleanses my mind of old ideas, letting rise to the surface new, squeaky clean ones. The shower is my best place for thinking and for some reason, ideas and revelations always seem to come to me here.
  1. Make a collage.
    This is more of a recent discovery. I think it’s the idea of being completely in control of something; making all the artistic and creative decisions about the placement of visuals. Collages are also perfect for collecting images that inspire you and cataloging them, organising them into something beautiful. Which is another thing I like about them, they help me sort through my messy brain and leave me with a finished product, something that represents these thoughts in a semi-physical form.rsz_1rsz_background2332
  1. Pinterest.
    Yes, it’s bad okay, but it fully inspires me. It enables you to pin the categories that interest you which then leaves you with a completely personalized feed of pictures and poems and quotes and information all catered to your own taste. But in turn that means you don’t know what could pop up and inspire you at any given moment. However, it’s very addictive and seriously easy to just scroll for eternity.
  1. Listen to your favourite music or read a favourite book.
    There is nothing like being in love with a song or a book. And the great thing about loving a book or a song or an album is that you can always go back to that place; to re-read and listen again and again and again. I love songs and books that make me think, that force me to recognise different points of views and expand my way of thinking and knowing. Music can also make me feel this want to create. It’s kind of a primal feeling deep in my stomach to create something just as good.
  1. Look at past projects.
    Guess what? You can even gain inspiration from yourself, especially past projects. Often I read through all my old blog posts and try to get back into the mindset I was in while I was writing them. But past projects are also good for reassurance. They remind me that I am able and that no matter how hard I worked or how uninspired my brain was at the time, I got there. I did it and I can do it again.
  1. Watch Videos.
    I know this might sound weird but I really enjoy watching educational or philosophical videos. I like and I’m trying to be more informed about both what’s going on in the world and also my mind, philosophy. Check out Ted Talks and The School of Life and Nerd Writer. Expanding your knowledge on any given subject is incredibly inspiring, or at least I think so.
  1. Journaling.
    Write down your thoughts. Write down the events of the day. Write down the first thing you think about when you wake up. Just write it down in a journal. No matter what you think, writing stuff down helps to get the cogs turning, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. I try really hard, especially when I’m feeling uninspired, to write in my journal every day. Looking at other people’s journals is also extremely inspiring.journal
  1. Do absolutely nothing.
    Sometimes a block in the road can’t be fixed without a little time. Take care of yourself. Don’t force yourself to do something just for the sake of doing it. Sometimes that approach just won’t work. You need to give yourself time and most importantly give your mind some time. Don’t think of “nothing” as a default. It’s like a refresher before inspiration strikes again.

There’s no point in driving today
I’ve got road block
The streets are packed
I don’t think the car will be able to do that right turn
or the left

There’s no point in trying today
I’ve got road block
There’s been a crash on the motorway
it’s backed up all the way to the moon
and the sun

If only I could fly today
fly right over the traffic
until I reach an idyllic green field
some clear, open space
to let my road block subside

But, really, there’s no point
because I know that today
my chance of road block is so high
there is only one thing for me to do

I’ll leave the garage door closed
may as well put on my walking shoes
because today,
I’ll be continuing on foot.


Inspiration is a weird thing, it’s fluid. It comes and goes as it pleases. But, I think that sometimes it’s important to not think about it too much, to force yourself to create, because, I’ll be honest, sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it takes time for the wheels to churn and that’s okay. It doesn’t make you any less creative, inventive or freaking cool than the person right next to you. Sometimes the road is blocked, the traffic can get backed up. But, eventually, the traffic will clear because, guess what? It always does.

stay gracious
Love Brecon Xx



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